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Finders Keepers - Chapter Five  
10:17pm 05/02/2008
Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter Five
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: R
POV: Third
Summary: The next major move that Jade and Patrick have planned is set in motion when the band gets to spend a night in a hotel, rather than the bus.
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue.
Author Notes: Another short chapter. Oh well.
Warnings: Vague sexual tension, well, tension anyway.

Chapter One > http://community.livejournal.com/slashypunkboys/4521125.html#cutid1
Chapter Two > http://community.livejournal.com/slashypunkboys/4527677.html#cutid1
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music: A Little Priest - Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp
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Finders Keepers - Chapter Four  
12:43am 03/02/2008

Patrick later finds Jade curled up at one end of the couch listening to the iPod that Pete insisted she should have. When Jade looks up and sees Patrick, she takes out the headphones and pats the couch next to her. Patrick sits down.
Jade leans a little closer to him, “Did you see Pete’s face when he saw us in the kitchen?”
Patrick looks at her questioningly.
“He was jealous! Very jealous” Jade explains.
Understanding dawns on Patrick’s face and Jade leans in to whisper, “It may not be the ideal plan, but making him jealous is good to start with. Now when’s your next show?”
Neither Patrick nor Jade notice Pete at the door of the lounge area, watching them through narrowed eyes as they huddle together and whisper. Pete turns and makes for the bunks with his Sidekick; a little contact with a discovery of completely unwavering loyalty was what he needed. He dials Ryan Ross.

Jade and Patrick have formulated the beginnings of their plan and Patrick feels more nervous that usual as he steps out on stage, as the plan will be set in motion starts tonight. They play another great show, Jade biting her lip as she watches from side of stage. It’s good enough so that the whole band is extra buzzed when they finished up.
They walk offstage and Patrick manages to reach Jade before Pete, grabbing her around the waist and crushing their lips together. Their kiss deepens a little, Jade licking at Patrick’s lips, salty with sweat. They part for air just in time to see Pete’s livid face and he stalks past them, Joe looks confused as he passes and Andy stops, “What are you guys doing? What about Pete?”
“He deserves it” Jade replies, her jaw set. Andy makes an “I’m not getting involved” face and walks on.
Patrick leans in to speak in Jade’s ear, the intimate gesture fitting, “That seems to have worked out well.”
“It’s not bad as far as revenge plans go. I think you were enjoying yourself” Jade smirks.
Patrick feels a little overheated and before he can stop himself, flicks his tongue over Jade’s ear, “You’re the one who tried to slip me the tongue.”
They look at each other for a moment, Jade pulls back, awkward, even blushing a little.
“Well, um, good job so far” she says and disappears backstage.
Patrick bites his lip.

Patrick is brushing his teeth when he feels a sharp pinch on the back of his neck.
“Ow! What the fuck?” he turns around and comes face to face with Pete. He does not look happy.
“That’s what I came to ask you” Pete hisses.
Patrick shrugs, trying for nonchalance, “What? It was one kiss.”
“You should no better, Patrick.”
“You can’t stop me kissing whoever I want” Patrick retorts.
Pete’s eyes gleam dangerously, “I guess we’ll see about that, won’t we?”
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Finders Keepers - Chapter Three  
12:43am 03/02/2008

Jade emerges from the bunks the next morning and limps slightly to the kitchen where Andy and Patrick are having breakfast, Joe still asleep on the couch. She winces at the light coming in the kitchen window, looking decidedly worse for wear and Andy hands her the bottle of aspirin that had been sitting on the table without a word. With a grateful smile she drowns two pills with a mouthful of coffee.
Patrick recognizes the hoodie that Jade is wearing as his own that he hasn’t seen for weeks as she moves to sit down at the table but winces and sharply, going to lean against the sink instead. Andy and Patrick exchange a look over the table.
Patrick hesitates before breaking the tense silence, “Um, Jade, are you okay?”
She looks at the ground and is silent for a moment before asking softly, “Does he always do this?”
Patrick and Andy exchange another look before Patrick replies, “Not to…all of his discoveries…”
“I might go see if I can wake up Joe” Andy excuses himself, leaving the kitchen. He’s never been subject to Pete Wentz’s idea of closing a deal.
Jade pushes up the sleeves of the hoodie, her wrists are bruised purple, “He’s clever. I was drunk and I know I didn’t protest and so does he, so I can’t say that I did.”
She looks up at Patrick, “He did it to you too, didn’t he?”
Patrick nods, feeling a little embarrassed to be revealing this to someone he doesn’t really know, “But…I was in love with him.”
“How can you stay with him like this?” Jade asks, shocked.
Patrick shrugs helplessly, “I’m his.”
“Don’t you ever hate him for what he’s done? Don’t you want revenge?” Jade demands.
Patrick falters, his secret fantasies exposed, “I…I do, sometimes.”
“There has to be a way to get revenge” Jade muses.
“I don’t know…”
“If I found a way to make him pay, would you do it?” Jade asks, her eyes suddenly intense on Patrick’s face. He pauses to think, Pete has bought him fame but he never really asked for all that, and he has hurt him, time and time again.
“Yes, I would.”
Jade smiles grimly, “We’ll find a way.”
“What way?” Pete questions, suddenly right in the kitchen doorway, his face dark with emotion.
Jade freezes but Patrick knows Pete plenty well enough to know what will through him of the scent.
“Oh just music stuff, chord progressions-“
“Okay” Pete is buying Patrick’s explanation before he’s even finished his sentence, bored by the science of music.
Pete turns his attention to Jade, who seems to have shrunk, grabbing her wrist, “Feeling the effects of last night, honey?”
She hisses in pain as Pete presses on the bruises that he inflicted and tries to pull away. Pete just tightens his grip and Jade whimpers with the pain. A hungry looks overtakes Pete’s features as soon as the noise escapes her lips.
“I’m not yours, Pete” Jade says through gritted teeth, making herself look him in the eye.
Pete just laughs and lets her go, “Yes, you are.”
Jade leaves the kitchen without a backward glance and Pete saunters casually over to the sink, picking up her abandoned coffee mug.
“You don’t have to be so rough, Pete” Patrick says, forcing conviction into his voice. Pete swallows his mouthful of reclaimed coffee and looks at Patrick, smiling wolfishly, “Oh, but I do. This one isn’t in love with me. Not like you.”
Pete steps forward and rests his hands, palms down, on the table across from Patrick, leaning towards him. Patrick tries to look away from the hypnotizing dark eyes but he can’t, his mind wanders right to where Pete is leading it.

Patrick, his back pressed up against the wall, Pete holding him there, his hand in Patrick’s jeans.
“You’re mine, Patrick” Pete’s hot breath ghosts over his ear, his neck.
Patrick nods breathlessly.

Back in the tour bus kitchen Pete smiles, knowing he’s inspired the exact reaction that he wanted in Patrick.
“Don’t forget it, Patrick” he says and walks away.
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Finders Keepers - Chapter Two  
12:42am 03/02/2008

The first show that they play after Jade joins them is amazing.
Pete is still high on his new discovery and his crazy energy brings the rest of the band and the crowd up with him.
After they bid goodnight to the screaming crowd, Pete bounds backstage and wraps Jade in a tight hug. Patrick sees her tense as he walks past them, and thinks that Pete must feel it. Pete just draws back a little and asks her, “So what did you think?!”
Jade smiles, “You guys were fantastic,” she looks past Pete, at Patrick, “Patrick, your voice…”
Pete pulls her attention back to him, “It is awesome, isn’t it? I’m so glad I discovered him.”
Gabe bounds into the room then, congratulating them all on the great show.
“Thanks man,” Pete replies, “Have you met Jade?”
“I haven’t, nice to meet you, Jade” Gabe says. Jade smiles and responds in turn. Pete’s voice is a little louder than normal when he tells Gabe, “I discovered her.”
“Oh, a discovery” Gabe winks at Pete, and when he inquires about the band’s plan for the night Pete tells him to come to the bus later.

A few hours into the makeshift party on Fall Out Boy’s tour bus everyone is at different stages of drunk. Patrick watches Jade, she’s unfocused and unsteady, Pete has been plying her with Bacardi all night so it’s not much of a surprise that when he leans over to whisper in her ear, she doesn’t pull away this time.
The triumphant grin on Pete’s face is more than a little menacing and he pulls Jade onto his lap, holding her there tightly.

The party winds down in the early hours of the next morning and everyone who doesn’t live on the bus has left. Patrick had noticed that Pete has not let go of Jade for a second and has also been almost constantly supplying her with drinks. She’s so intoxicated and Patrick wants to say something when Pete leads her off to the bunks, but he keeps his mouth shut.
However, when Patrick is lying in his bunk he can’t escape the sighs and moans coming from the bunk above his.
It’s when the whimpers and cries of pain begin, that Patrick turns his iPod up as loud as it will go.
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Finders Keepers - Chapter One  
12:41am 03/02/2008

The thing about Pete is he has an uncanny knack for finding people. People with talent; musical or otherwise.
The other thing about Pet is that once he finds a person he wants to keep them close, own them.
Patrick should know.

Pete found Patrick with the help of a friend, though he was the one to discover Patrick’s voice. He heard that voice and knew he had made another discovery.
Patrick was young, naïve, a little shy and more than a little star struck. Not that Pete was all that well known, but he easily overwhelmed people, especially those who he discovered, hypnotizing them with words of fame.
So Pete took Patrick on the road with two more of his discoveries. Andy, tattooed drummer extraordinaire and Joe, a fuzzy-haired guitar god in the making. Patrick was Pete’s golden boy, the discovery he was most proud of. He showed Patrick off to the world, saying “Look what I found.”
As it turned out, Patrick ended up in Pete’s bed almost as easily as he has ended up in the shitty van where Pete’s odyssey to fame began. Pete makes damn sure that Patrick knows exactly who he belongs to. He reminds him with bitten, bleeding lips and bruises from gripping tight.
It’s a fact, Patrick belongs to Pete.

It’s when they’re touring, in an impressive bus now, having outgrown the shitty van, that Pete discovers Jade.
He finds her during a rest stop in a random town in fuck-knows-where, closing the town’s only music shop for the night. She sings her heart out as she takes in signs and locks the door, it’s a song that Pete doesn’t recognize, but he knows that he’s made another discovery.
She’s young, only 20 or so, and Pete lures her back to the tour bus easily. He ignores the sting of the way she had stared blankly at him when he told her who he was, even when he mentioned the magic words ‘Fall Out Boy’. By the time they reach the bus, Pete knows that nothing is holding Jade to this town, she has nothing to lose.
Patrick sees them first and locks eyes with Pete, he’s a little older now, a little wiser, he knows Pete’s ways. But he still belongs to Pete.
“This is Jade,” Pete announces to his band, “I discovered her.” That’s the only conversation that is held about that fact that they leave the small, shitty town with Jade onboard.
Pete with a new discovery is like a kid with a new toy. Patrick watches, slightly uncomfortably, maybe jealous, as Pete tries to drape himself all over Jade and find out everything about her.
The thing about Jade, Patrick notes, is that she has a few similarities to Pete himself and Patrick wonders when Pete got that little bit more egotistical. She has dark hair, short and messy (Patrick later finds out that she cuts it herself) and she’s small, smaller than Pete and smaller that Patrick himself.

The other thing about Jade is that while she is completely sucked in by Pete’s promises of fame and shiny recording studios, she doesn’t seem to want the unspoken second half of the deal. She’s not fawning over Pete like his previous discoveries, including Patrick himself, who only need the attention from Pete to fall in love (or at least lust) with him. As Patrick watches, Jade tries to extract herself from Pete and it’s clear she’s only really listening to him when he’s talking about how people with pay for the privilege of hearing her sing, not the sly whispers that Pete brushes by her ear.
It’s very clear that Pete does not like this.
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09:47pm 11/12/2007

Author’s Note: And so, my first prompt fanfic, not from a fellow LJ user though. The prompt was bubblegum and wet paint, about Frerard, with a request to “follow through”, lol.

Italics = noises





Gerard looked up from his comic, staring at Frank, who was preoccupied with painting his fingernails and snapping bubblegum…loudly.


“Dude, that is really annoying” Gerard finally spoke up.

“Hmm?” Frank looked up, innocently, all wide black-lined eyes.

Gerard caught his breath slightly, “Snapping the gum, cut it out.”


“Sure thing, Gee” Frank looked back down at his nails, carefully painting on the black polish. It wasn’t long before the sound of snapping gum filled the room again.

Gerard slapped his comic down on the table, “Godammit Frank, do you want to be a bit more annoying?!”


Frank screwed the lid onto the nail polish bottle and looked up at Gerard, smirking as he continued to snap his gum, looking Gerard straight in the eyes. Gerard glared back at him and tried to ignore the small thrill that stirred at the bottom of his stomach.

“Frank, stop it!”


“What ya gonna do, Gee?”  Frank smirked, leaning forward over the table, snapping the gum close to Gerard’s face.

Gerard growled and Frank raised an eyebrow. “Fuck me, Gerard, did you just growl? I guess this really does get to you…” Frank snapped the gum yet again but the sharp sounded was cut off abruptly when Gerard grabbed the front of his shirt and slammed his mouth to Frank’s.


Before Frank could regain his composure, Gerard’s tongue has forced its way into his mouth. Just as Frank began to sink into the kiss and reach for Gerard, he pulled back, smirking all over his face. Gerard blew a big pink bubble, and then sucked the stolen bubblegum back into his mouth, grinning like a Cheshire cat.


“Let’s see you snap the damn gum now!” he crowed, jumping back out of Frank’s reach when he lunged forward to grab him. But Frank, grinning, launched himself over the table and pushed Gerard down on it, pinning him there.

“I’ll be taking my gum back now” he said, his lips close to Gerard’s.

Gerard made a face like he was trying not to laugh, “I swallowed it.”

“You did not, you whore!”


Gerard opened his mouth to prove it was empty and Frank took the opportunity to kiss him, they’re tongues meeting immediately. The kiss deepened, grew stronger, they nipped at each other’s lips, fighting each other for dominance.

Frank drew back, “Well, I guess you really did swallow it,” Gerard smirked at him, raising an eyebrow, “What? Oh, don’t be so immature, Gee!”


Gerard just smiled and licked Frank’s scorpion tattoo, a particularly weak spot, then began to suck on the inked skin. Frank gasped and arched his hips up, where they collided with Gerard’s, making him moan into Frank’s neck. Gerard slowly eased himself out from Frank's body and pushed him back down on the table, straddling his friend's body.


Frank slid his hands under Gerard’s shirt, dragging his fingernails down his part time lover’s back. He smiled as Gerard’s back arched under his fingers, his breath caught and he groaned when Gerard started grinding his hips against Frank’s.


Frank’s head tipped back, Gerard instantly taking advantage of his exposed throat, using his tongue and teeth to get Frank moaning and writhing beneath him. Gerard pulled Frank’s shirt up as Frank clumsily pulled his off, dropping it off the side of the table. With Frank’s shirt pushed up over his ribs, Gerard slid down his body, licking, sucking and biting at Frank’s stomach, down to the waistband of his tight jeans. Frank groaned, digging his nails into the skin just below Gerard’s neck.


Gerard lapped at the skin above Frank’s waistband, “Uhhh, Gerard, don’t be such a tease.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, is that annoying?” Gerard said smugly. Frank just groaned, letting his head slump back onto the table. Gerard stroked the evident bulge in Frank’s jeans, pressing hard.

“Christ” Frank hissed, biting his lip.


Gerard laughed; his lips still on Frank’s skin, making the sound vibrate through his body, driving Frank even crazier with frustration.

“Please, Gerard, fuck…”
“Did you just beg me?” Gerard looked up at Frank, that sight alone making him gasp. Frank swallowed his pride and nodded, “Please…”

“Well seeing you asked so nicely” Gerard smirked and slowly, teasingly undid Frank’s jeans, looking up at Frank in amusement when he saw he’d gone commando.


Pushing Frank’s jeans down his thighs, Gerard bit the inside of his thigh, Frank’s leg twitched.

“Come on, Gerard, please just – “ Frank cut himself off with a drawn out, gasping moan as Gerard licked his tip and took Frank’s entire length into his mouth. Frank’s hands flinched, gripping Gerard’s long hair as he began a fast rhythm. All Gerard’s teasing had already pushed Frank close to the edge; he arched and writhed beneath Gerard’s mouth.


Frank felt his orgasm building in his stomach and only just managed to tug at Gerard’s hair to warn him before he came so hard that he choked on his own loud cry. Gerard’s name and a string of expletives left Frank’s mouth when he managed a shaky exhale. Gerard sat up on the end of the table, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand; he looked down at Frank who was lying back on the table with his eyes shut.


After regaining his breath a little, Frank opened his eyes and looked up and Gerard, “Well,” he grinned, “Is there anything you don’t swallow?”

Gerard stuck his tongue out at Frank, and got up off the table to retrieve his shirt from the floor, when he bent over to pick it up, he heard Frank laugh.

“What’s so funny, Frank?” Gerard asked, straightening back up.

“Turn around” Frank giggled, sitting up on the table.

Gerard turned to reveal his back, black streaks decorated his white skin, as well as half moon patterns beneath his neck.

Gerard looked over his shoulder at Frank, “Well, what is it, man?”

“My nail polish is all over your back!” Frank held up his hands to Gerard, the black nail polish smeared and half missing.


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06:24pm 10/12/2007



“I’m going to the bathroom” Frank announced.

“Charming” Ray commented, but Frank was too busy smirking at Gerard, the only one to have looked up when he made his announcement. Frank continued to smirk to himself as he made his way to the tour bus bathroom, and, leaving the door slightly ajar, slid his hands into his tight jeans.

Five, four, three, two, one“ Frank mentally counted down the seconds until…

“You’ll go blind” Gerard’s smug voice from the doorway, Frank looked up at him.

“All calm and composed now, are you?” he replied, raising an eyebrow.

Gerard’s eyes flicked casually down to the Frank’s crotch, “Well, I’m doing better than you in those stakes.”

Frank turned away from him, “Fuck you then, leave me to it.”

Gerard was suddenly right behind him, pressing against his back, lips close to his ear, “Not fucking likely.”

Frank shivered slightly, annoyed at himself, this was his game.

“Awww, Frankie, you just can’t resist” Gerard ran his finger lightly along the skin just above the waistband of Frank’s jeans. Frank sighed softly, pressing his back against Gerard’s body.

“Don’t be such a goddamn tease” he muttered and Gerard laughed softly in his ear, reaching around to undo Frank’s jeans and push them off.

“Hey guys, Brian wants to talk to us!” Mikey yelled from the front of the bus, speaking generally to all his bandmates.

Gerard quickly spun Frank around to face him, doing his jeans up again and nipping at his neck.

“Maybe next time, Frankie” Gerard said, drawing out his friend’s name. He walked off back to the front of the bus, smirking, leaving Frank frustrated and alone…


Author’s Note: Hehe, I like being a tease.

tags: frank, gerard, mcr
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Tales from the Tour Bus Bathroom  
05:33pm 10/12/2007

Author’s Note: I refuse to believe that none of the members of MCR have never gotten up to something, anything, with a bandmate. All that time on the tour bus.

These are five very short tales of the things that MCR (have probably never) gotten up to in their tour bus bathroom. Ordered from most raunchy to least.




Ray walks unsuspectingly into the bathroom to be greeted by the sight of Frank with his hand down his pants.

“Oh shit, sorry, man.”

Frank opens his eyes, “Would you suck me off, Toro?”
“Uh…what? Like, right now?”

“Right now.”

“Um…shit, I…”

“It’s a yes or no question.”

Ray gets down on his knees…



Gerard stands in the shower, his head tipped back to soak his hair.

Frank strides into the bathroom and stops dead, dropping the t-shirt he just took off onto the floor.

He stairs until Gerard turns around to face the water then gets into the shower behind him. He presses his body against Gerard’s back, his jeans growing heavy, soaking through…



Bob sighs, drained, the arm he’d been bracing himself against the wall with shaking.

He thought about him again, the whole time.

Goddamn Mikey…



Ray sits on the bathroom floor, leaning back against the wall, and smoking.

The other guys think that he smokes a lot less than he actually does and Ray intends to keep it that way.

Mikey smells cigarette smoke on his way past and eases the bathroom door open. Ray looks up guiltily, caught in the act.

“Relax, Toro. I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

“Tell what?”

Mikey grabs the front of Ray’s shirt and pulls him forward, kissing him hard.

“…I won’t tell”…



Bob and Gerard reach the bathroom door at the same time.

“Rock, paper, scissors.”

Gerard throws rock, Bob; paper.

“Paper wraps rock” Bob closes his hand over Gerard’s clenched fist, letting it linger there just that little bit too long…

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What I Want  
05:32pm 10/12/2007

Author’s Note: Spaced for your convenience, so I hope it’s…convenient.

Italics = Frank’s thoughts.





He just can’t stop thinking about him.

Before he knows what he’s doing, he’s holding the phone to his ear.


A click on the line.




Mmmm, that voice.




“Well yeah, of course. What you been up to Frank?”


What have I been up to? Sweating and arching and crying out to the thought of you.

“Not much really.”


“Okay, so…did you want something in particular?”


What I want in particular is you, panting and writhing beneath me, oh you have no idea how badly…



“Oh God, to make you moan that, moan my name!”


“Hello? Are you okay?”


“Fine, fine,” he pants “I was just…just couldn’t sleep and I wanted to…to check up with you.”


“Well I’m fine. I think you should get some sleep, man, you sound drained.”


“Yeah, I will.”


Coming to the thought of your best friend will do that to you…

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05:32pm 10/12/2007



The hands on his body were too soft, too delicate, the fingernails too long.

His mind drifted…


An anonymous venue wall, Frank on his knees in front of him, fingers tangled in his short hair.

“Ohhh Frankie!”


“What did you just say?” the voice, too high, too…feminine.

He couldn’t reply, his mind drowning in tight, tight jeans, tattooed skin, that pierced lip.

“Ohh Frankie, more!”

She got off him, out of bed, legs too long, too tanned.


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